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The story of a doctor's extraordinary work in the Sixties with a group of catatonic patients he finds languishing in a Bronx hospital. Speculating that their rigidity may be akin to an extreme form of Parkinsonism, he seeks permission from his skeptical superiors to treat them with L-dopa, a drug that was used to treat Parkinson's disease at the time.

Cast and Crew Listing

Director: Penny Marshall


Oliver Sacks

Steven Zaillian  


Robert De Niro   Robert De Niro     Leonard Lowe
Robin Williams     Robin Williams     Dr. Malcolm Sayer
Julie Kavner   Julie Kavner     Eleanor Costello
Ruth Nelson   Ruth Nelson     Mrs. Lowe
John Heard   John Heard     Dr. Kaufman
Penelope Ann Miller   Penelope Ann Miller     Paula
Alice Drummond   Alice Drummond     Lucy

Reward Tiers

CS   Digital copy and hard copy of the movie
CS   Signed movie poster 
CS   Special Thanks mention in credits of movie
10  CS   Set visit for investor + 1 guest
25  CS   Movie premier attendance for investor + 1 guest
50  CS   Wrap Party attendance for investor + 1 guest
100  CS   Private Screening/Party for investor + guests of their choice (20 person maximum)
250  CS   Co-Producer credit
500  CS   Executive Producer credit (Can assign Special Thanks. No Co-Producer Credit) + ability to submit notes on the script and discuss ideas with producers and other creative partners on the film
1000  CS   Full Producer Credit (Can assign special thanks. No other producer credit) + ability to give notes on cut of the movie
2000  CS   Unlimited set & meeting attendance (within reason) + full creative partner on the film

** All reward tiers include previous tier benefits